Clipping Path

We provides best class of photo clipping path and color path services. By outsourcing all your requirements to us, you can concentrate on other vital areas of your business. Our squad is always ready to accept any type of projects. We done the project for Real estate image clipping, Food image clipping, Automobile photo clipping, Jewelry photo clipping, Any Model and Product Photo clipping.

Image Masking

Our professionals are skilled and trained in carrying out image masking processes flawlessly and in a swift manner. We did Masking for simple and Complex images by advanced Photoshop tools and techniques to carry out the task impeccably.

Shadow Creation

After background removal, we do shadow creation using Photoshop to make its look more lively and real. With our drop shadow service, Natural Shadow Creation, Reflection shadow creation, your photograph appears three dimensional and attractive. Whatever type of effect you need, we can generate perfectly.

Color Corrections

Digital photo colour correction services provision is an area in which we have huge level of expertise. Sometimes because of poor lighting, poor quality camera lens or similar issues, there may be visible imperfections when it comes to colors in the photographs. We use the Photoshop tools ie Curves and levels adjustments, White balancing adjustments, Grains reduction etc for correcting all such problems to create awesome photos. Also we work for swatch match, sky/water color change, Reference matches etc.

Product Retouch

Pentouch has a great team of creative people who know how to enhance an image through optimally retouching it. We have earned the trust of customers, through our apex class of professional photo retouching services. Starting with basic retouching to high-end retouching and pro photo retouching, our company provides exactly what you demand.

Mannequin Removal

According to the market research, ecommerce and online store businesses strongly believe that photo retouching is importance to make products look attractive. With the help of product photo Neck joint services, you can truly influence the sales growth. However it would help if the business owners understand the exact benefits of using photo clipping for ecommerce industry. We remove the mannequin to make your simple or complex images fit anywhere- be it in a catalog or a magazine or an e-commerce site.

Logo Creation

Your business deserves a great logo. You also need a place where your brand can shine online. Success starts with a stellar logo. Our designers are masters of the latest trends, and they will design a professional logo. Get your logo on coloured and transparent backgrounds, plus a black version and a white version.

Model Retouch

Pentouch has a great team of creative people who know how to enhance an image through optimally retouching it. Our portrait retouching includes minimal skin retouching and background editing, stray hair removal, teeth whitening, removing moles and skin imperfections, enhancement of eyes, red eye correction, removal of facial hair and wrinkles, straightening of clothing, removal and addition of objects as per need. Apart from this, we also do retouching for old photos.